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Who We Are

AOC prides itself on making crown and bridge ceramic restorations that are both aesthetically and mechanically superior to other dental labs. Our exceptionally skilled technicians are continuously learning and adopting the newest dental technology, affording you the most current and proven techniques of today. We use the highest quality material and at reasonable prices to ensure our dentists and their clients’ complete satisfaction.

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What We Do

At AOC we work with the latest technologies to provide the highest quality products. Some of our services include:

  • All Ceramic Crowns & Bridges
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFMs)
  • Gold Crowns & Bridges
  • Full Service Implantology Lab
  • No Prep Veneers
  • Custom Shade Matching
  • Full Mouth Rehabs
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What are clients say about us

  • I have very high expectations and I must have a high level of performance from a dental laboratory. My patients deserve superior quality of products and service. This family owned laboratory remains at the cutting edge of dental laboratory technology, backed by years of experience this is why I have been a loyal customer of Artistic Oral Ceramics for over 30 years. I want to congratulate Bob and Skyler for their dedication to dentistry
    Jim RobsonDDS
  • I don't know which one of you artists over there did this case but I thought you'd like to see the result. I appreciate your attention to detail and all of the characterizations. It really looked great.
    Rebecca MarshDDS
  • I have been working with the Sky and Bob Shannon at AOC for 15 years in a full-time restorative office, and can assert that they do great work. Specializing in tooth-colored restorations, when given the proper tools to complete the case (ie. good preps, accurate impressions, bite reg., photos, measurements, etc.) they will deliver tremendously characterized and fitted restorations. I would put them up against any lab in the world to deliver excellent all-porcelain restorations. That is why I send him my work from San Diego. We have done a lot of partial coverage gold coverage, and single unit PFM's of which they do great.
    Scott RauvolaDDS
  • I'm a big fan of AOC, they deliver consistent fits for easy seats and beautiful ceramics, making for happy patients. I recommend their services and hope to work with AOC for years to come.
    Dr. Neal BuffingtonDDS